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On May 9, 2018, a whole new world is set to unveil before the Toronto entrepreneurs. Yes, it’s the time, when budding entrepreneurs will discover a multi-layered and unique opportunity for amplifying their business ideas and upgrading their networking skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are an established company or you are a small part of the startup community, everyone can gain from the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference.

It is a gathering of 2500+ local business leaders, where 20+ entrepreneurial conference topics will be discussed in different networking sessions.These successful business leaders will come together to enlighten you about the newest trends in the startup ecosystem and how to stray thriving amidst the tough competition. Listen to the experts and network with the best business minds in Toronto.

#TECONF 2018 | Marketing Automation can help you win customers

TECONF 2018 | 2WebDesign | Marketing Automation and winning customers

More about #TECONF – The most meaningful business event in Toronto

#TECONF is undoubtedly the largest tech-gathering in Toronto, specially designed for Toronto entrepreneur groups and their business pinnacle. As a proud sponsor of this event, 2WebDesign welcomes all the distinguished entrepreneurs in Toronto to join us and experience a new dimension of business ideas powered by ‘Marketing Automation’.

Marketing Automation – What is it and why it matters to you?

Success is sweet, where the struggle to achieve it and the effort behind keeping it thriving is real. You have built a superb website and your marketing team works hard to develop leads, while your sales team spends time chasing them. But how to keep both teams happy? The solution is marketing automation. The adaptation of marketing automation is really necessary as this is apparently the best way to classify your consumers and to integrate their database en masse. It’s also being considered as an essential module of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and campaign management.

Win customers with Marketing Automation

Find out how Marketing Automation can help your bsuiness.

Join us in our session and find out how marketing automation can help you win more customers and grow your business.

Sounds interesting? Opportunities like this do not come often. Click here to find out how #TECONF has helped entrepreneurs over the years.

You can learn more about the session here.

Network and experience the future in #TECONF

#TECONF is bringing together the tech giants and young entrepreneurs in Toronto on the same page through an effective and interactive panel discussion. The energy here is truly terrific. You can actually learn from people with different backgrounds, different personalities with unique stories to share. Meet up the founders, investors, mentors, CEO’s, and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs on the same scaffold and find uniquely focused business networking solution from the industry rulers. Better, faster and smarter, the business landscape in Toronto is changing first and its changing forever.

#TECONF 2018 – The countdown begins

What are you waiting for? Push yourself, move beyond the usual up-close view. Come to #TECONF, the most influential tech business summit of Toronto and explore the big picture. So, entrepreneurs, save the date May 9, 2018. See you then from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

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