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I know what you’re thinking. What is “The Asi Way?” Don’t be embarrassed, I had no idea either until we were given the opportunity to design and develop The Asi Way website. So what is it? Believe it or not it’s a common practice that most of us do. Although with how society is, I use the term “most” sparingly.

Deriving from the Spanish Así como(pronounced ah-ci), The Asi Way is a philosophy that practices the right way to teach others to make better choices by listening, observing and practicing modeling techniques. So how is that a common practice that “most” of us do? Well, let’s look at parents. As a parent you teach and guide your children by modelling how to work, play, and interact on a daily basis, to ensure they grow into respectable and responsible beings.

I’m sure we can agree on that, although it’s a lot easier said, than done. I don’t have kids, but I have friends and family who do, and I can see how difficult it is at times. But as an observer I get to watch how these kids mimic their parents in their actions and their behaviour.

The Four Elements to Change

The Asi Way teaches how to work with all situations by introducing the “Four Elements to Change” framework; a powerful tool which allows you to find solutions to each problem or situation. So what are the Four Elements to Change? Let me show you…

The Asi Way four elements to changeBy using the above framework it not only helps to educate the next generation of young people, but it is applied to teaching people how to understand how people’s actions, responses, choices, and past circumstances have affected their current situations.

The Asi Way Website Design

Partnering with The Asi Way, 2 WEB DESIGN designed and developed a new website to help generate a stronger online presence, along with providing an easy and efficient way of promoting their Conferences held through North America.

The Asi Way old website design

Implementing a new CMS, the new design features: online conference registration; a photo gallery; custom Blog; and separate pages for information regarding ASI USA and ASI Canada. The website allows features integrated links to The Asi Way Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages.

The Asi Way new website design

Have you ever used The Asi Way or found The Four Elements of Change beneficial to your life? If so, let us know! Otherwise contact Anita Jackson (Canada) or Rogelio Sanchez (USA) for more information.

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