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Usually patrons of the The Cave Restaurant do the ordering of appetizers, entrees, and everything else… but this time it was George, owner of The Cave Restaurant, that ordered up a website refresh, complimented with responsive design, and a side of creativity and -boy- did 2 Web Design deliver! We cooked up the website redesign following George’s recipe for perfecting his online presence.

Web Redesign Project

The main goal of The Cave’s redesign was to capture the unique ambiance of the restaurant by bringing the stone age to the digital age. In addition to maintaining their brand identity online, the non-standard Cave Restaurant website also has a menu section highlighting their vast menu offerings, photo galleries emphasizing their custom atmosphere, as well as a reservation section to allow Cave-goers to reserve their spot on the rocks.

Responsive Design

2 Web Design implemented responsive design in the The Cave Restaurant website refresh which allows the screen size to automatically adapt to the device of the user, whether they are viewing the site on a mobile device, tablet, or PC. In responsive design, images change size, layouts morph and menus often collapse for ease of use for the on-the-go viewer.  In addition to providing easy navigation and increased user friendliness on mobile devices. The user friendliness and easy navigation of the responsive design permits customers to make reservations at their leisure.

Custom Content Management System

The back-end of The Cave Restaurant features two main components: menu and gallery. George requested easy access to the editing, updating, and publishing of their menu online as well as the ability for patrons to download a PDF of the menu. The photo gallery is also simple to manage but yet highlights and accentuates The Cave Restaurant’s unique atmosphere.

Let us know how you think the team did by leaving a comment below after you check out The Cave Restaurant!

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