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We are well into the second half of 2012, so it won’t be long before we are witnessing the first snowfall. For some, that might be surprising for you. For others, like my fellow Saskatchewanians, it’s the inevitable. It’s not like the snow will happen tomorrow or anything crazy like that. Having said that, I did see a recent weather report that mentioned the lowest recorded temperature for that particular day occurred in 2002. It was 0 degrees. That’s 0 degrees…in August.

So it’s fair to say that right now we’re at a pivotal point in the year.

I, along with who knows how many other millions of people, have all watched the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and after almost a year of travelling through space, the Mars Rover, Curiosity, touched-down safely. But in the midst of all this an on-going battle is looming.

Ignite Social Media have released their 2012 Social Network Analysis Report. They have broken down demographic, geographic and search data that shows us which social networks are battling it out to be number 1.

Twitter and Tumblr are now among the top 5 networks with the strongest rate of growth, along with Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn. And even though Google+ features in this report for the first time (it only launched last year), it’s absent from the list of fastest growing platforms.

And as for Facebook, where do they stand? It’s fair to say that since everyone (well, not everyone, but you know what I mean) is already on Facebook, and the fact that they already dominate social media, it’s pretty hard to improve their growth rate. Don’t you think?

There’s also a mention for the decliners: Digg, MySpace and Friendster. According to the figures for these networks their futures look pretty grim. Although for Digg their new app and site re-launch might just help them revive people’s interest in their network.

The infographic below uses data based in Ignite Social Media’s report, and also features stats about the male/female ratio of social network users, the youngest skewing networks and which sites are luring in the whiz kids.

Which networks do you foresee being “on the rise” and “in decline” over the next 6 months?

The State of Social Networks in 2012 Infographic

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