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Trek 2000 Corporation is a family owned business since 1986 by Gord and Maureen Haddock. After years in retail, the Haddock’s are now involved in entertainment, publishing, the development of land and buildings, and giving back to the community and other entrepreneurs. Trek 2000’s old website was restrictive and dated which is why they came to 2 Web Design for a new site design and structure that would position them as a thought leader, capturing and showcasing the diversity of their projects, initiatives, and business ventures that they nurture.

Visually Informative

We incorporated an eye-catching photo gallery that allows Trek 2000 to fully display their extensive portfolio. The gallery features not only the image of their achievements but provides the full detailed story as well.

Dynamic Banner

To improve navigation and to direct users to the Haddock’s newest and featured projects, we implemented a dynamic banner with a prominent, changeable signpost and a sliding banner which highlights the visuals.

CMS with Enhanced Features

We implemented a custom content management system to allow for the easy upload and modification of content, with enhanced features allowing for the easy online modification of images. The feature is very administrator friendly as alterations of photos can take place within the CMS as opposed to within another application.

Go now, and trek on over to Trek 2000 Corporation‘s newly redesigned site and then, leave the team a comment below!

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