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Time and time again we watch our planet burn. Admit it, it’s true. We sit back in the comfort of our living rooms and watch the planet being destroyed. I for one am appalled and disgusted by what I see, and I am sure you are too, but what do we do about it?

Sure, we might recycle (if there was no money incentive would you still do it?) and tut-tut at those that litter our streets, but at the end of the day regardless of how many TV shows, Al Gore movies, or National Geographic documentaries we watch, I know that I am happy there’s other people out there taking care of it. One such person is Ronn Lepage.

VerEco Homes

As the president of VerEco Homes Inc., it is Ronn’s firm belief that economical and environmentally friendly homes will make the world a better place. With a MSc. in Environmental Strategy Ronn’s mission is focused on the adoption of using Net Zero technologies in residential housing by helping Canadians build smart green homes.

VerEco Homes Inc. has four distinct areas of housing development: VerEco Home, VerEco Cottage, VerEco Urban, and VerEco Executive. Each development is unique and compact in design and uses the very best construction standards to develop low energy homes. However, for some the word compact translates to small, but this isn’t the case.

Compact homes are energy efficient, as in they use less fossil fuel than larger homes, and are built using less material therefore saving on construction costs.

Website Design

The previous VerEco website had been in existence for quite some time and as a long time client of ours, Ronn decided that it was time for an upgrade. So our fabulous team of designers and developers created something new and great for VerEco Homes Inc.

VerEco Homes old website design

The most notable differences between the previous and new website design is the layout, the new logo and obviously the colors. Built on a content management system the website administrator(s) can self-manage the website freely uploading, editing and deleting content.

VerEco Homes new website design

For more information regarding VerEco Homes Inc. products and services, or ways in which to make your home a smarter and greener home visit their website or contact Ronn Lepage. You can also follow VerEco Homes Inc. on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have a smart green home? Have you done anything for the environment lately? Share your stories below!

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