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Living in different countries and being witness to different educational systems, I’ve noticed there are 2 types of students. There are those that learn by listening and there are those that learn by doing. Admittedly, I’m not a psychologist or hold any degrees or licenses in this field. Therefore, my social observation is more opinion, than fact. I’m also sure that this observation isn’t revolutionary as most of us have witnessed these types of learning behaviors before.

I know when I learn new stuff, I’m a listener. I like to soak it all up, learn the ins and outs of it, then implement it my own way – or at least I try to. I am probably what you’d call “methodical” or “analytical”. My brother though, is a learner by doing. I remember as a kid he’d learn music – I should probably point out he’s a guitarist and kind of a “big deal” in the UK – by copying the musicians he liked. He always took a very “hands-on” approach to his studying.

Now think about yourself. How do you learn stuff – by listening or doing?

McKay Career Training

One such educational institution we have in Saskatoon who take a very “hand-ons” approach to their teaching is McKay Career Training. Their aim is to “provide students with the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on skills that are in demand for today’s workforce”. Therefore, I’m thinking I wouldn’t be much of a student here. But if you’re one of them “doers” then you’d love it!

Recently we have had the pleasure of working with McKay Career Training to create a brand new website, and turn it from this…

McKay Career Training old website design

Into this…

McKay Career Training new website design

Along with the new design, the new McKay Career Training website has been built using a custom CMS and includes:

  • the integration of their social media – Facebook and Twitter
  • integration of Facebook and Twitter feeds on the homepage
  • the development of a customized Blog
  • implementation of responsive design

Contact McKay Career Training for information on their programs and courses. You can also view a more in-depth study on this project – what we did and how we did it – on our portfolio.

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