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Klassen Driving School (KDS) provides drivers education instruction for students and individuals wanting to become drivers throughout the Saskatoon and area since 1973. They recently approached us to complete a site refresh to clean up their design and to enhance their users experience.

Site Refresh

Their original site was dated. It was developed in 2006. And when you only have less than 7 seconds to make a lasting impression online…there was lots of room for improvement and lots of opportunity to take their online presence to the next level.

We updated the design, incorporating new methodologies and new technologies, such as responsive web design to increase user experience. Responsive web design reorganizes the website content, adapting text and video to the screen size it is being viewed on–whether on a phone, tablet, desktop, or any size device in between!

Klassen Driving School home page before site refresh

Intuitive Content Management System

KDS needed to be able to manage the website on their own. Their existing site was static, hard-coded HTML that nobody in-house wanted to mess with to update the content. During the website redesign, we ditched their boring, static site structure and implemented an intuitive and dynamic content management system–enabling their staff to create, publish, distribute, organize and, ultimately, manage their website content.

Fantastic Features

In addition to redesigning the site to be more visually appealing, KDS wanted to increase engagement on their website. This is possible on their new site through the use of video and having the option to download related content in pdf form for viewing. We also developed a convenient, fillable, online application form to enrol in driving school.

If you ask me, the most fantastic feature of this website redesign project is the improvement of the member login area. This secure and password protected area allows the drivers education instructors to log in and post the schedules. The member login area feature is user-friendly for both site administrators and site visitors!

If you have a moment, please head on over to Klassen Driving School‘s newly redesigned site and let us know how you think the team did!  If this post made you a bit uneasy about your own online presence, check out these 7 tell-tale signs you need a website redesign to find out if it’s time to redesign your site!
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