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When you want to discover or learn how to do something new, would you rather spend your precious time reading the instructions or watching an informative and entertaining video that demonstrates the same thing?

Most people would choose to watch the video of course. (Maybe even having a quick run-through of the instruction manual while watching the video!)

If you are searching for the best way to get out there, to promote or advertise your products or services, then it’s time you considered creating video marketing campaigns. 

  • 100 million internet users watch online videos every day (Source: VideoBrewery)

  • 75% of executives watch videos from business websites at least once a week (Source: VideoBrewery)

Still not quite convinced? Here are few more points to get you excited to start using video in some of your marketing campaigns.

1. Market Domination

Every social media channel out there is offering video streaming services or live video options. This is because it is entertaining and engaging, but also easy to consume.

Sharing or creating videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. helps boost traffic to your website. Especially if you pay-to-play and promote it thoroughly, you can reach a very wide audience.

Whether doing business locally or globally, pretty much every successful company has their own set of marketing videos on their websites. By demonstrating and advertising their products and services, these videos help to inform customers on their buyers’ journey.

  • 90% of online shoppers claimed that they found videos helpful in making a purchase decision  (Source: VideoBrewery)

2. Attention Grabbing

Videos tend to be more engaging when compared with normal print advertisements.

If you’re watching something and you find it entertaining or interesting, odds are, you’ll watch it till the near end. Such is the magnetic power of video marketing. It has the ability to literally grabs the attention of your audience and engages them in viewing the video till the end when the product or brand is advertised.

Moreover, if they really like what they are seeing, they could immediately share the video on their social media pages, increasing the chances of it going viral.

  • 74% of all internet traffic will come through video by the year 2017 (Source:

Launching video marketing campaigns now will really help your business grow.


3. SEO Boosting

All types of interesting, engaging, and informational content will help to boost the SEO (search engine optimization) of your company website, including video content. If all of your videos are uploaded on popular video sharing channels like YouTube, then when internet users search for related videos on search engines, then there would be a good chance that your company’s marketing videos would probably show up on search results.

Since Google owns YouTube, informational video related to what the user is searching for are very likely to appear on the first search result page. So if you have more than one marketing video like this, it will certainly help improve the SEO for your entire website thereby bringing more internet traffic to it.

4. Doesn’t HAVE to be Expensive

You don’t need to produce huge 20 or 30-minute video’s when it comes to marketing your goods and services. Typically, if done in the right manner, you can spread your message to your audience in a 30-second video itself. Currently, the market rate for a producing a professional level video would be $80-$100 per minute, but this would pay for itself in terms of helping you get more leads of customers and spreading awareness of your company online.

If you are just starting out with a local business, then you just try shooting a casual video from your DSLR camera or smartphone and upload it on to your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It does not necessarily need to be a professional-looking video, as long as you are sharing great content.

4. Doesn’t HAVE to be Complicated

While some video ideas and implementation may require professional assistance, for the most part, you should be able to do some shorter decent quality videos by yourself — or with the help of some tech-savvy colleagues, friends, or family!

Your audience will really appreciate a well thought out and put together video with decent picture and sound quality, that showcases who you are and what you do…as opposed to another snoozeworthy, boring article.


6. Effective Messaging

Video can help you sell. It’s up to you to position it for maximum effectiveness.

As we have mentioned earlier, marketing videos help internet users in making the final decision to purchase your products or services. When you upload videos that show users how the product works or the benefits that people can get after using it, then you can persuade them to try the product or service for themselves.

If the videos get shared on all the different social media platforms, then this could generate plenty of new leads of potential clients for your company.

Expect Increases

Consumption will increase. Production will increase. Competition will increase.

The importance of video marketing will continue to grow in this digital era which is why it cannot be omitted from your company’s sales and marketing activities. So don’t let the lack of knowledge, time, or budget be your excuse for not using this crucial marketing tool.

Have you used video marketing to promote your goods and services recently? If so, then please share some of the benefits you have received from using video marketing campaigns in the comments section below.

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