E-commerce Training

The Online E-commerce Store Training aims to provide the skill set required to build businesses online by setting up an e-commerce store. It covers the best practices to build and promote the e-commerce website and grow the online audience by researching and publishing content following web standards.

Training Module

E-Commerce Website Setup and Management

  • Learn about major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce (1 hour)
  • Understand the benefits and flexibilities related to various platforms and how to select the right platform for your business (1 hour)
  • Learn the functionalities of the plugins and the features that it comes with to manage websites (1 hour)
  • Manage plugin updates and research additional updates for growth of the website and its functionality (1 hour)

Content Strategy

  • Learning how to research, prepare and publish content on the website. Review content research tools and Artificial Intelligence based apps that can help research articles and initiate the copywriting process (2 hour)
  • Manage and grow the blog for news updates (30min)
  • Learn how to editing images to position them properly and in the right format on the website (1 hour)
  • Manage photo and media gallery (30min)

Understanding Google

  • Understand the concepts of how Google ranks websites (30min)
  • Study the top 10 website evaluation criteria for Google (90min)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Learn about algorithm updates and how they impact searchability of a website (30min)
  • Learn how to build and support a framework that can help you get better rankings and optimize your website online (90min)
  • How to create an SEO friendly Site architecture?(90min)
  • The key usability elements and the impact of user experience on SEO(90min)
  • Using Google Search Console to do keyword research and verify your website(90min)
  • Learn how to build and support a content strategy and framework that can help you get better rankings and optimize your website online (90min)
  • Understand and learn how to use the SEO plugins for monitoring and managing content (90min)
There are a minimum of 36hrs allocated towards training sessions which are held virtually.
Training sessions are recorded, so if you miss a session you can catch-up on the recordings.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment will be done through the following project exercises

  • Update website with revised content
  • Research and publish article on service pages and blog
  • Source and publish pictures using online tools
  • Create an action plan for the 100-days to publish content and optimize it for Google

4hrs are allocated for Project preparation and completion.

Q&A Sessions

  • Four 1-hr Q&A sessions are held additionally over the course of project completion

Total time allocated for these sessions is 4hrs

Additional Details

  • Total time investment is 36hrs
  • Training Cost = $4,500 (plus applicable taxes)
  • The next training start date is Feb 14th, 2024 to March 7th, 2024.
  • Trainee must have their own equipment (laptop / desktop) and must have a reliable high-speed Internet connection
  • A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon completing the training and project exercises

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