From our experience of working with various Non-profits, we have developed a specific model to assist the organizations in building a powerful online presence.

Challenges faced by Non-profit organizations

Lack of exposure:

Non-profits that have limited or no exposure over the internet are at a serious disadvantage. Anyone who wishes to donate to a charity will first like to read up about the company online. So non-profits without a website are unable to prove their authenticity.

Outdated marketing techniques:

There are plenty of non-profits that still use outdated marketing techniques like cold-calling and emailing in hopes of getting people to donate. However, in today’s digital age, more of online / website marketing is required.

Poorly designed websites:

Some non-profits do not give enough importance to the development of their website. As a result of these poorly designed sites, non-profits are unable to retain the website visitors they do get.

How can we help?

Design Informative and engaging websites:

2webdesign can help non-profits by designing websites that are user-friendly and informative.

Provide an effective content management system (CMS):

Non-profits sometimes organize various charitable events in order to raise money for a cause. 2webdesign designs websites with an easy to use content management system, which can help them update new events or fundraisers and make other changes to the website content with ease.

Help get more leads:

2webdesign creates awesome websites that help businesses get a huge number of visitors every day. These visitors could be valuable leads for the non-profit as every person visiting the site might have been interested in the charity and wanting to make a donation.

Our Successful Projects

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