Case Study – Canadian Council on Education in Pharmacy


With their head office in Saskatoon, the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) is the national coordinating and accrediting body for continuing pharmacy education in Canada. Its members are appointed by the provincial pharmacy regulatory organizations. CCCEP was established in 1973. It allowed the provinces to collaborate, share information and resources through an informal network to organize continuing education programs.

The Challenges

Interest in accreditation was growing. This led to back office problems that could not be fixed by physical document management systems alone.

Web design trends are changing. The outdated website of CCCEP was not the least bit user-friendly and proved difficult to navigate. The basic design also made it very difficult for website users to find the information they wanted. Users couldn’t even access it on mobile devices.

The Solution

We recently worked with CCCEP to redesign their site to be more modern, mobile responsive, and more user-friendly. A key part of CCCEP’s redesign is an updated database that helps users communicate their experience and trainings to the council.

We updated database so members had a better user experience and an easier time accessing the required information. This includes a feature where members can edit their information such as name, location, educational qualifications, etc, as well as an approval process so that CCCEP officials could check and approve information before it was published on the site.

The Results

The new site is more user-friendly than its older version. It’s a mobile-friendly site that can be accessed by students and providers wherever and whenever they like!

Access to information has been improved by updating the site architecture and adding the site wide search. Users can find and retrieve required materials as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Not only does the updated layout and design make it easier for visitors to leave contact submissions and feedback on the website, but also it is easier to apply for accreditation and provider registration. Improved user experience and satisfaction all around!?

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