Case Study – EGADZ


EGADZ/Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre is a non-profit community-based organization that provides programs and services to children, youth and their families in making healthy choices that improve their quality of life. Since 1990, EGADZ has been providing hangout space and recovery therapy for “hard to serve” youth. Their programs include the drop-in centre, residential support, outreach, educational, and teen parenting.

The Challenges

The organization needed an updated website design that would improve user experience and allow interested individuals to access all of the information at their leisure.

The main challenge that EGADZ was facing is that their website was very outdated. We redesigned it, gave it a whole new look and a responsive web design.

As a non-profit organization, one of EGADZ other key challenges was generating donations because the bottom line still matters.

The Solution

Most importantly, we worked with EGADZ to reorganize and improve their site architecture to better emphasize their programs and areas of focus. The “Our Stories” section highlights success stories and kind words about the life-changing affects and programs that EGADZ offers.

In addition to enhancing the site’s visual appeal, we also designed a sponsors carousel that rotates on the site to highlight and thank the funders and sponsors that they work with.

We also collaborated with EGADZ on the launch of a mobile application IAMNOT4SALE, as a part of their life improving initiatives.

The Results

The brand new online presence for Breakout helped increase bookings.

The new website makes it easy for people to find out what EGADZ is all about and how they can get involved. Presumably, they will receive increased donations and program registrations.

The updated CMS is so easy to use that Don doesn’t have to take any time away from his real work to take care of the site.

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