Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes

The websites for education institution and colleges are typically really busy as you have a lot of things pulling for your attention. It is truly challenging to fulfill the content and style demands, but our team knows how to strike the perfect balance.

Challenges faced by the Educational industry

Low visibility:

While searching for the right institute to join, most students start their search online. Thus, many good institutes get overlooked because they do not have a website. They will also find it difficult to get students to enroll simply because they are not visible enough on the internet.

Lack of trained staff:

Good educational institutes have the best of faculty and staff, who are well-trained and qualified in teaching students. However, institutes without a good website or online presence may find it challenging to convince qualified lecturers of their credibility. Hence, they could lose many potential faculty members in this way.

Inability to connect with prospective students:

One of the major difficulties faced by educational institutes today is their inability to connect with prospective students. However, if institutes have an active online presence through website marketing and social media, they will be in a better position to reach out to a youthful crowd.

How can we help?

Improved website user experience:

Whether an institute needs a new website or wants to upgrade from their old one, 2webdesign can create a fabulous website that delivers a great experience to anyone who uses it. Be it a student or even a faculty member.

Building student and faculty login pages:

After years of designing websites for the different industries, 2webdesign has gained tremendous experience in developing high-end websites. Features include special login pages like student or faculty logins for instance.

Responsive design:

Most of the student population nowadays usually surf the web using their mobiles or tablets. 2webdesign can create amazing responsive websites that function well on these devices.

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