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You’re a part of our team, every step of the way.

The transition online is overwhelming for most business owners. With so many options to choose, and so much technical jargon to get lost in, it’s easy to feel powerless. But you’re not powerless! You’ve already built an amazing business.

So why waste your time with a team that keeps you in the dark and swindles you with loaded jargon they know flies over your head?

If you want a team that builds your website and more, never leaving your insight out of the process, and coaches you with almost two decades of expert knowledge, then look no further than 2web!

Because at 2web, you’re not just our client, but a part of our team.

No matter how much, or how little you know about web development, with our proven 5 step process, not only does your project stay on track, but you also see exactly how close you are to achieving your full online potential.

Our 5 steps to success

  • Plan

    Every plan starts with a dream. This is where we discover yours and figure out the best way to bring your vision to life. We delve deep into your goals in order to find the best paths to take you there.

    • Diving deep into you and your business’ history and goals
    • Developing your target audience by analyzing their behavior
    • Establishing a customer journey for your audience
    • Creating multiple solutions for you to choose for further development

    We’ll walk you through your options step by step, to get you the highest performing solution as possible—whether a website, mobile app or more!

    For larger businesses, we understand the need to plan internally before finding a development team. For the large business, this phase is focused on verifying your plan to ensure we’re both on the same page when it comes to developing your strategy.

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  • Build

    Once you’ve decided on a plan, our dynamic team will begin its development, but don’t worry, even in the design phase, you’re still a part of the team! Communication is the key to success, so even while we’re designing, you will never be left out of the loop.

    So what can the design team build for you?

    • High Performance Website –
      Whether creating a site from scratch or upgrading one that’s not working, we’ll build a site that’s as effective for your business as it is beautifully designed.
    • Custom Web Applications –
      From sophisticated databases to A.I. powered marketing funnels, our easy-to-use, multi-platform web apps can save you time while increasing your revenue.
    • Mobile Applications –
      Get your business in the hands of the people with fast, user-friendly phone apps available on any app store.
    • And More –
      if it goes online and grows your business, we can build it for you.
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  • Grow

    Now that your vision is built, it’s time to get people to see it. We’ll break down your marketing options, and help you set them up.

    What solution we collaborate on depends on your business’ goals, but some examples include:

    • Generating brand awareness — people that are aware of your business
    • Optimizing lead generation — the contact of customer yet to buy your product
    • Increasing engagement — the interactions people have with your website
    • Increasing your search rank — the score search engines give your site to appear higher in their results

    Don’t worry if these words seem like mumbo-jumbo to you — We’ll break everything down so you never feel overwhelmed.

    No matter if you’re new to digital marketing, or an expert at it, we’ll find a plan that will achieve your goals, and show you how to manage it step by step.

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  • Learn

    As you transition your business online, you’re probably wondering about all the possibilities the digital world has to offer. That’s why we’ll teach you the ins-and-outs of the internet to empower both you and future-proof your business. We do this because we never want to sell you a product, unless you fully understand what that product is.

    Our commitment to empowering you includes:

    • Free bi-weekly seminars on a variety of subjects
    • Continuous coaching on all options at your finger-tips
    • Ongoing effort to educate our team on the latest industry trends
    • Our guarantee to define all industry jargon so you never feel in the dark

    We put in an effort to understand where everyone is in their online journey not only so you’ll always be on the same page as us, but because empowering your understanding of the web empowers your business to succeed—and your success is our success.

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  • Succeed

    We’ll continuously keep in touch with regular meetings and reports so you’re always on track to meet your goals—both present and future.

    • Any negative feedback you have will be fixed in the first 100 days after launch
    • Whether monthly or quarterly, we’ll meet to discuss your goals
    • You’ll receive regular metric reports to track how on pace you are to your goals

    Your success is our success, that’s why even after your project’s completion, we’ll stay in touch to see how you’re doing.

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Do you want to know more about our 5 step plan?

Your success is our success. And even after your project’s completion, the success of you and your business will always be important to us.

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Get a custom plan that matches your goals—no matter the size of your business!

What a small business needs, and what a large enterprise needs are usually pretty different. Let us dig into your specific problems to find your specific solution.

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