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It’s been a crazy few weeks here at 2 Web Design HQ as we’ve been launching websites like they’re going out of fashion! Our latest site launch is a little different though. For Airline Hotels we have created a mobile website not for their current website, but for their Internal Competency Dictionary—which I will now refer to as ICD, because then I don’t have to keep on typing Internal Competency Dictionary…

Airline Hotels created their ICD document (which you can download as a .PDF from the website) to inform their staff and the public of their Guiding Principles. Now, as good as it is to have this document available on the website, the guys and gals at Airline Hotels decided that it would be much more convenient if the ICD was accessible via a mobile device. This is when we stepped in…

Airline Hotels had originally conceived this idea as an app for iPhone and Android devices. However, after much consultation between them with ourselves regarding the development of an app and the process of getting the app uploaded to Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the idea of a mobile website for the ICD was decided upon. However, we designed the mobile site in such a way that it has the appearance of an app. Aren’t we smart?

Airline Hotels mobile website

When is accessed on a mobile device the user has the option to proceed to “View Full Site” or “View Internal Competency Dictionary.” Depending on which option the user chooses they are either directed to the Airline Hotels full website or the ICD. The mobile website was also developed with a custom CMS so the website administrator can now easily update and edit the ICD content.  

Why not access Airline Hotels ICD on your mobile device and tell us what you think? In fact if you’re too lazy to even type the URL I’ve gone ahead and prepared this for you…

Airline Hotels QR codeYou can view a more in-depth case study regarding this project on our Portfolio page.

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