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Circle West Ultrasound has been operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 2012. They offer a wide array of services to the residents of Saskatoon and the surrounding area, and pride themselves on their friendly and professional manner.

Web Design Project

Circle West Ultrasound’s key goals in this project were to create an online presence and identity, provide a welcoming and bother free user experience that would make it quick and easy for patients and families to get vital information about the services they offer, and to allow for the website to function in a multitude of formats.

Brand Identity

Since Circle West Ultrasound did not previously have an online identity – we started the design process by examining their branding. 2 Web Design worked with Circle West to design a visually appealing logo which then inspired the warm, welcoming design for the entire webpage.

Responsive Design

The new Circle West Ultrasound webpage has been designed using Responsive Web Design – to provide an optimal user experience and easy navigation whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. This allows patients and family to access important information about Circle West’s services no matter where they are, or when they need it. Let us know what you think of the new Circle West Ultrasound Website in the comments below!

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