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The information pandemic and what it means for us?

Some stories are worth listening to and others are worth remembering, but once in a while there comes a story that is worth dying for. In fact, the death penalty is exactly what Julian Assange would face if he were to set foot on US soil, in addition to a barrage of legal attacks that he is already facing across the world. Heroically welcome in some countries and destined to be killed in others as a traitor, is what lies in the fate of the WikiLeaks founder ever since the pandemic release of the highly classified cables.

Mainstream media has gained significant momentum as it trickles the previously guarded government secrets. As a result of this dip in secrecy, the ramifications are significant and the effects have rippled across the political spectrum. A polarized battle of political and democratic ideologies have sprung in to action questioning one’s right to how much and what kind of information should be freely accessible, especially in a “free and democratic society”.

Ironically enough it is the pro-democratic governments that actually have higher stakes and have spent considerable economic efforts to protect such information from spreading. The deeper you dig, the more you unveil the ridiculing and disturbing government policies and actions. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the viral nature of the Internet has literally outpaced the security shutdowns of data servers as the information cables replicate themselves across multiple locations worldwide.

This goes to show how the digital revolution has given birth to the robust information era that we live in today. What makes the Internet so successful in spreading information is its triad nature that couples useful data, with powerful digital communication technologies and people that end up becoming active nodes spreading the word. The Internet cloud is therefore a people powered information network that continues to grow in all directions. As masses become actively connected online, the cloud seems to have taken form as a superpower in itself and has shaped technologies that amplify its triad nature to host and distribute information.

This concept holds great value when you see such examples as WikiLeaks literally outpacing world superpowers in spreading information and initiating movement for political reform in many countries. Who would have known that a hand full of people, mostly volunteers, would have created such havoc worldwide and put some of the most powerful countries to its knees trying every technique to halt this pandemic.

On a lighter note, by now you might have heard the story of Ted Williams  who was a homeless drug addict with a “golden voice” perfect for radio. A reporter noticed him and decided to put his video on YouTube. Within 2 days he became in Internet sensation to receive over 7 million views. As a result he was offered several jobs, television interviews and his life changed.

There are many life changing and world impacting examples that are directly due to a result of how information has dispersed across the Web. As part of society living in this era, we really have to take the time to understand how the Internet effects us and how it can assist us?

Whether we want to do business, share our personal experiences, learn something, research new ideas, help someone, destroy someone, live a second life or simply want to waste time, we now have a great platform to do so. The beauty about this platform is that it is dynamic and it continues to grow as long as we feed it with information. It is not restricted by any means and many countries have tried governing it unsuccessfully.

Because it is a system that is run by the people for the people, it is by nature one of the most democratic bodies known to humanity today. We must therefore put extra effort to learn about the possibilities that the Internet can bring to us to help us become more productive and efficient in achieving our goals. After-all, it is an integral part of our society that we must unconditionally accept.

I will end this article by urging you to provide feedback on what your opinions are and if you agree or disagree with me. Your comments will be highly appreciated and you can submit them at our blog.

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