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If you take a look around the room you’re in right now I can guarantee there’s a computer, a TV, a mobile device (either in the shape of a phone or tablet), and if you’re anything like me some form of hot beverage (there’s nothing quite like a nice hot drink whilst reading is there?) However, what I can also guarantee is that you don’t have something in your room and that something is a scrapbook.

In our wonderful, yet overcrowded world full of advanced technology you’d be hard-pressed to find people reading hard copies of books, let alone finding someone in procession of, or creating a scrapbook. Well, that’s what I thought.

Meet Alicia Talbot: wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a HUGE scrapbooking fanatic!

The Website

Alicia’s journey into scrapbooking began in 1999 when supplies were very basic. But as scrapbooking evolved, so did the supplies and eventually in 2011 Alicia opened up Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking, an all-in-one online scrapbooking supplies store!

Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking old website design

To help Alicia further her online presence she asked for our assistance in redesigning and developing a new website to showcase her products. The process began with a brand new design for the website which included an analysis of the previous website, in order for our design and development teams to create a more improved site structure.

When developing the website we took into consideration the need for making online shopping for Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking’s products more efficient to allow existing and potential future customers to shop with ease. We created an easy to use product catalogue so products and descriptions can be displayed effectively. The interactive shopping cart is easy-to-use and highly secure so customers can shop with confidence, and is integrated with Canada Posts API to make shipping hassle-free!

New additions to Down a Dirt Road Scrapbookiing was a Custom Blog and the creation of a Classes Calendar. With Alicia being a teacher of all things “Scrapbooking” she now has the opportunity to post the times and location of her classes on the website. Customers can now view this information and contact Alicia to inform her of their attendance.

Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking new website design

Start Scrapbooking

Although I am not a “scrapbooker” myself, Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking was certainly at the front of my thoughts just recently. I was at my in-laws and as expected the baby pictures came out. We flipped through the albums and giggled. Everyone had an album each, and when they came across a funny photo they held it up and everyone looked up and laughed. Once we were done looking at an album you’d pass it on to the next person. Then I thought to myself, I miss this. I miss having a collection of photos/memories in a book.

Everyone has a digital camera now, so when someone wants to view your pictures you have to huddle around a computer or view their social media page. It’s just not the same as sitting in a living room all laughing and joking together though it is?

If you’re thinking along the same lines as me then why not create a scrapbook or book of memories of your own? Contact Alicia at Down a Dirt Road Scrapbooking to help get you started.

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