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Something that I always seem to struggle with, and I don’t think I’m the only who suffers from this, is opening sealed containers. I’m not referring to cans or bottles, as I can easily use a tin opener or unscrew a bottle cap. Instead, the problem I have is with opening plastic bags. You know the ones that I mean? Chip bags, dried pasta bags, cereal bags. I haven’t a clue why, but every time I open one, instead of it tearing in the correct places it ends up being completely ripped apart.

I know it drives my wife crazy, as when it comes to folding over the tops of the bags (you know, to stop the contents spilling out), she can’t as the bag is so badly torn. Therefore, we always end up dumping it into a plastic container. Why I struggle at this, I’ll never know. Maybe it’s because I have large hands OR I’m just an idiot at doing it. Either way, at 31 years old I can’t see myself changing or improving on this. And, what’s funny is I have the same problem with saran wrap and aluminum foil.

Watching me trying to tear a sheet of that stuff off is “painful” – so I have been told.  Again, why I seem to struggle at these most basic motor neuron skills will continue to baffle me. However, I may have found the ideal solution for saran wrap – E-zee Wrap’s dispenser.

Website Design Project

Before moving here, to Saskatchewan (and I suppose Canada in general), I’d never heard of E-zee Wrap before – sorry guys. But, after seeing their TV commercial, and then realizing the company that I work for created their online presence (way back when), I thought that has to be a sign to help me succeed in my saran wrap tearing endeavors. So, have I purchased one yet? No (again, sorry guys), but soon. And whilst I’m on the topic of E-zee Wrap, it’s probably a good opportunity to mention our recent update to their website design.

As previously mentioned, E-zee Wrap have been a client of ours for a long time. However, without an update in their design since 2009, it was time for an improvement. So what’s new about their website? Well, this project was essentially a redesign which included cleaning up the site structure, removing any unnecessary clutter that had crept on to the website, and providing E-zee Wrap with a brand new online appearance.

Other additional new and improved features of the website includes:

  • a Product Catalog – an improvement on their previous catalog as they can now promote their products effectively
  • a Customer Testimonial page – a page completely dedicated to what E-zee Wrap customers are saying about their products. Additionally, a customer testimonial feed features on the homepage too.
  • Responsive Design – to provide their customers the ability to view the new E-zee Wrap website effectively on mobile devices.

Now that you’ve read about the new E-zee Wrap, why not check it out for yourself and let us know what you think by leaving your comments below?!

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