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When you’re involved with numerous initiatives, book launches, and considerable amounts of research, like Dr. Greg Poelzer is, you need an academic website — a central hub showcasing it all. And, you may also require a media gallery to highlight all of the press coverage that your efforts have received.

We worked with Dr. Poelzer and, his Research Associate, Stan on two websites concurrently. This personal, academic website for Dr. Poelzer is the first of the pair of sites to launch. (You’ll have to check back in a few weeks to see the other half of our collaborative efforts!)

Dr. Poelzer needed a professional online presence. He needed a new website to promote himself and his ideas, highlighting who he is and his research findings. He also wanted the ability to share pictures, custom photography that he has captured. We were able to craft a digital experience that’s sure to engage and informDr. Poelzer’s audience.

In addition to using responsive web design technology to make the website mobile-friendly, we also integrated two blogs (a more standard blog and a research blog) a multimedia gallery, site-wide search functionality, and social media.


Dr. Poelzer is able to easily manage and update his blog articles and research posts from the flexible content management system. This means he can spend more time actually researching and writing instead of spending all of his time trying to manage a complicated website. He is also able to set featured blog or research posts which will appear on the homepage.

Within the back-end of the website — the flexible content management system; the part not publicly available–Dr. Poelzer is able to easily manage (add, categorize, hide, delete) and update his blog articles and research posts so he can spend time actually researching and writing instead of spending all of his time trying to update his website from a complicated content management system. From within the CMS,Dr. Poelzer is also able to manage and monitor comments.

Multimedia Gallery

The Gallery design allows Dr. Poelzer to upload an unlimited number of videos and images which are displayed on the front-end of the website in a modern and aesthetically appealing way. Because of the nature of his work and research, Dr. Poelzer often appears on the news. He is now able to capture and showcase all of these appearances within his media gallery, strengthening his position as a credible thought leader.


Website visitors are able to enter keywords into the search bar on Dr. Poelzer’s new site, and call up related results. This is a super user-friendly feature that allows searchers to plough through content heavy sites to quickly locate specific and related articles, posts, and research. The search function will become particularly useful as the site content and Dr. Poelzer’s research continues to grow.

Social Media Integration

Dr. Poelzer’s website wish list included the ability for his site visitors to share content directly from the web page to a social network of their choice. We integrated simple, user-friendly, click to share buttons to engage his audience and to generate awareness through social sharing.

When you have a second, please head on over to Dr.Poelzer‘s new site. Let us know how you think it looks by leaving a comment below!

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