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Want a first position on Google for the keyword you want to rank for? Well, that’s a dream come true for every business out there.

Spoiler alert! This is not an easy game.

Website domain authority (DA) is one fact that can affect the traffic of your website. It’s the higher authority of your website which can surely be the better tool to gulp higher traffic for your website.

Hang on; Google only ranks pages, not websites. Then how should you go ahead with it?

As per the top web development company in Canada, domain authority is one factor which is determining the success of a brand online. It starts with searching the right keywords and determining what your target audience really wants.

“When you get to position one, your CTR is going to be at least 200% higher than the closest runner-up, position 2. DA is a ranking metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a site will rank. It’s one of the industry standards we use when we talk about SEO and ranking on the SERPs.”- Neil Patel

Building website authority acts like a foundation to the SEO experts to rank it well on the SERP.

Google Search Rankings Page

1 common goal, 1 million competitors

For example we have multiple competitors across Saskatoon and trust us beating them on the SERP ranking were never easy.

There are certain hacks that we are going to share in this article on how to build an authority site that ranks well in search engines.

Be with us:

The top-ranked SEO experts suggest using the following tools:

SEMrush – This is one prime tool to calculate the website authority these days.

There is a number apportioned to a domain in SEMrush called an ‘authority score’. This number analyses the importance of a domain on a 100 point scale.

The higher number the stouter authority.

This authority score is a title metrics which handles machine learning to calculate. These metrics include- domain’s backlink profile, organic search traffic and status, and other website traffic data.

This is also how Google calculates the page rank.

Here’s a quick look at some facts that can affect your domain authority –

  • Website structure
  • Site loading time
  • Social shares of the content
  • Linking root domains
  • Total backlink profile quality
  • User experience
  • Domain age
  • On page SEO

Main Ranking Factors of Google

Main Ranking Factors of Google

3 months, 90 days, where to begin with?

This is where you probably need a professional guidance. As an A-rated web development company in Canada here we have come up with some effective tactics which would help you to build your domain authority really fast.

Let’s start.

Guest posting – Publish original and cream content on your website. This is a straightforward, unadulterated method to hit the right target audience.

According to the Edmonton seo experts, adopting this method can get you a higher domain score as well.

With guest posting, you can link back to the relevant article on your site. This will increase the authority of that particular article. (Eventually your website)

3 important and easy-to-follow tips for guest posting:

  • Post-high-quality, unique article on your website that you want to rank for.
  • Search relevant domains to your niche and connect with them via email to pitch a guest post about an allied topic.
  • Create a Wow-factor embedded content and backlink to your original related article. Enrich the value of your content.

You can build your brand by guest posting on the right websites which also drives relevant traffic to your website – as per the leading web development company in Canada.

Article posting also helps in boosting the domain authority too.

Supreme quality guest posting is an invitation for the future guest posts. So impress the audience with super fascinating guest posts.

Another trick would be finding websites with a similar target audience. Here you have to make them agree for allowing you to guest post and vice versa.

Aforesaid trick goes well for websites with the same target audience, but dissimilar competing offerings and make sure that both of your contents are equally high-rated.

So, basically, you are doing no additional word to get exposure to a new audience.

You get a new link, you use it is to add a new voice to your own blog. On the contrary, you are selling your product in sync.

This is one secret SEO trick used by the top 10 web design companies in Canada.

Let’s apply it.

But make sure you have found such high-ranked websites from where you can create your backlink. (Source:

Let’s reach out friends to get links then

When you have friends from the same industry; there’s nothing like it. Ask them to share a link from their content back to your website. Simple!

Leave calculating the authority on Guest Posting

If their link is increasing value to your article, go for it.

You can go to Alexa for checking your competitors’ website ranking.

According to a research by BuzzSumo, the following 5 types of content generate the most links:

  • Content with purpose solving approach.
  • Political and opinionated contents.
  • Research-based contents.
  • Trending topic with personal insight.
  • News content.

These are some fundamentals and these are the points where most businesses slip.

Useful utility: The latest link-generating tool

If you need to attract a wider target audience try building useful utility tool like Hubspot, Portent, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo etc. where people can easily find their solution and you get your link.

Social Media Marketing to get backlinks

Use Social Media Marketing to get backlinks

Use social media for promoting your content

There are millions of active users of various social media platforms. So targeting the sweet spot for your business is no big deal.

Make sure you are going along with the latest changes made by the recent updates of the social media platforms.

Posting your content abided by these rules can multiple times increase your visibility on these platforms.

Want more peoples to stop by? Make your content more creatively engaging.

Posting blog with a bit different angle can also prove a winner of this game.

Research says that posting blogs with info-graphics can pull a broader crowd.

Influencer-involving content:

Being the trendiest web development company in Canada, we know how influencers can turn the table for your business.

These are 3 simple tips to follow to involve your influencers through your content.

  • Create content where they can know about your product.
  • Your content should target a new audience.
  • You secure more reach with every influencer.

All you have to target the right influencer and ask them to share their opinion on your post.

But experts don’t respond that easily. There are some other tricks to grab their attention too-

Asking for an opinion doesn’t work for the experts. Instead, do your researches input their opinion from the other blogs, podcasts or even from posting.

Here’s the example of an expert posting:

“When it comes to link building, Brian Dean is the best in the business.” – Neil Patel, Quicksprout.

Tap relevant resources for your product –

When you are offering tools, it could be a directory full of tools, in case of services; you should relate the local business listing.

Search on Google for the relevant pages.

Always look for quality websites with relevant product offerings.

Remove Bad Links

If you have linked with any spammy website; being one reputed web development company in Canada, we suggest you strongly to remove it immediately.

A bad link can harm your website and its Google ranking.

For removing and ignoring bad links, use the Google disavow tool. It is recommended by the leading web design companies in Toronto.

Optimize published content

Optimizing existing content makes Google feel to give a good push to your article.

You can increase the view of your older content

Google used semantic analysis to understand what your content all about is.

Create a buzz with a well-performing content. Use relevant keywords and additional synonyms and grip your position steady on the search engine.

Check out what the top 10 web design companies in Canada doing with their existing contents.

An out-of-date content for website can cause ill-health of the site. Even Google doesn’t like it too.

(Note: It happens you don’t want to change the URL while updating the content. Using the existing URL helps to build backlinks.)

Broken Link Building

Broken link building can help you get better rankings

Broken Link Building

Broken link = broken awareness!

Build links with the other page linking your website. For, an in-content link could be one effective strategy.

Broken link could be a powerful tool to ask for your link building.

Here are two tips for broken link building:

Find a site with broken links and reach out with a replacement. Build a link to other pages linking to you.

Install Check My Links browser extension, and after analyzing a web page, it will show you a list of valid/invalid links. Look for pages that are related to your product or offerings. Run ‘check my links’ on that page.

All you have to do is to find one or two broken links from a website. This could be an ideal reason to connect with someone and ask for your own link building.

Hereon, whether it’s an outreached advertisement or an email you send, will actually take your brand higher on the search engine and get your website a sturdy authority.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

With Conversation Optimization, you can gain immense popularity online.

Based on the ever-changing consumer behavior you have to move the navigator of your CRO.

Mark our words, with an active CRO you can improve your online presence, track different promotion channels, and remain ahead of your competitors.

But the most effective CRO strategy should aim at optimizing the landing page of the website. After all, this is where you would generate your traffic from. Right?

These are few tools that will help you in your conversation optimization

Usertesting404, Unbounce, Leadpages, Optimizely, CrazyEgg.

Writing PR: An All-powerful strategy for promoting your brand

Need more mentions, more links from the big fishes of the industry?

PR is an exceptionally authoritative strategy for building website authority.

Find editors, journalists, bloggers who have written on same areas that your business has been built around. Build a relationship with these people and ask for them to write about your services.

3 months, 90 days, 2160 hours – You have got enough time for building your professional relationship as well as building your website authority.

Quick tips to handle the outreach (Pay attention to every detail)

Along with building the website authority, you have to keep a track on your everyday activity in tandem.

Rather than maintaining an old-school spreadsheet strategy, time to go with the advanced one –

Use an outreaching email outreach tool – OutreachPlus; the top industry experts use the same for keeping track of their sent emails.

  • This tool has an incredible ability to send personalized emails.
  • Amazingly, it sends automated follow-ups when there is no reply.
  • It also manages responses as they drop at your inbox.
  • Maintain a track record of all outreach which will help with upcoming reach.

Now, you know all the tricks and tactics and it’s time to apply them.

Run your outreach campaigns, track emails that you send, achieve and live the desired outcome of all your efforts.

Establish your website’s authority in just 90 days.

So there you have it, a post full of tips that I am confident can help you increase your website authority in just 90 days.

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know in the comments!

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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