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The success of any business depends upon the team working behind the scenes to help it grow and thrive. With an enthusiastic and engaged team, you will be able to achieve anything from increased revenue growth to improved business reputation.

In fact, studies show that organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202% (Source: Business2Community). What’s more, you can even take the help of your team to improve the presence of your brand on social media by just including them in all of your social media marketing plans.

Here are some useful tips on how you can include your entire team in Social Media Marketing.

1. Tag them in posts

Research conducted on a group of employees showed that 88% of them use at least one social media site for personal use (Source: Buffer). Meaning, you can potentially increase the reach of your social media posts by just tagging your team, who are using that particular social media platform.

Once they are tagged in the post, you can be sure that they will like, comment, and even share it with all their friends or followers. This is one way in which you can actively engage your team in social media marketing activities.

2. Make them feel comfortable

If you really want to include your team in your social media strategy, then you first need to make them feel comfortable to come forward and share with you.

Speak to your employees at your next executive meeting and ask them to share their opinions on various social media campaigns, no matter how crazy it may sound. 

3. Create a place for them to share ideas

Creating a place for your team to share ideas can further encourage them to share their views and by doing this, you will also be directly including them in your social media marketing strategy plans.

Try to create a place or system where your employees can regularly share their ideas. It can anything as basic as forming a WhatsApp group or even by giving them access to a separate messaging app like Slack for instance, where an official group can be created specifically for posting ideas. Allow all employees to freely share their thoughts and suggestions in one place.

4. Let them share posts about the company

The best part of having a loyal and supportive team is that they too would want to maximize the online presence of your company and thus would be willing to do all they can to help it grow on social media. Sharing company blogs or even events on their social media profiles is one way of doing that.

For your part, you must encourage and perhaps even reward your employees to share your company articles, upcoming events, workshops, etc. on their social media pages. This will only help spread the awareness of your brand across various social media networks.

5. Send them weekly blog updates

Apart from sending weekly blog email newsletters to your target audience, it would also be beneficial for you to send those same updates to your team as well. While your audience might not immediately share your blogs or updates, you can at least count on your employees to share any posts, product updates, offers, promotions, etc. of with their followers on social media.

Got any more ideas?

We would love to know what you think are the easiest and best ways to include your entire team in social media marketing activities. Feel free to share your valuable thoughts on this topic with us in the comments box below.

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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