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When you love someone, you always want to be with that person and spend as much of your time with them as you can, right? Just take a moment to remember why you like them so much. Is it because they tell interesting stories, make you laugh, and give you what you want? Are they always on time and do they always make a great first impression? Do they answer when you call?

These same ideas should be applied to marketing. After all, you’re trying to grow long-term relationships (on a different level, of course) with your customers or clients, so why treat them like a one night stand–or worse!?

Imagine what it would be like if you were able to make visitors fall in love with your website in the same way! Always having a regular flow of traffic to your site. Spending their precious time and attention engaging with your brand. Becoming new customers, or at the very least, sharing your brand with their friends! Because if their experience with your online presence succeeds in inciting their emotions, they are surely going to do something about it.

To get you your audience to fall in love with your website, here are a few key factors:

1. Make a great first impression

First impressions do matter. In fact, a study showed that it takes only fifty milliseconds for a visitor to create an opinion of your website. (Source: Tandfonline)

Yup that fast!

Make sure your web design is simple and familiar.

This will require a good amount of market research but to ensure you are familiar with what your audience likes to see before designing it, is a great marketing move.

Give importance to creating an awesome and customized website design for your visitors, that will make them stick around for a lot more than just a few milliseconds.

2. Be consistent (not consistently boring!)

Remember that your main objective here is to make visitors fall in love with your site by helping them find what they want in an entertaining and informative way. If your website is all over the place with no consistent flow of content, information, or design, then it will confuse your visitors and (probably) make them leave your site immediately!

Luckily you have some options.

Maintain consistency while publishing content on your website and even on social media channels.

Don’t try and discuss topics that are totally unrelated to your visitors’ interests. Instead, you should focus on what they were looking for and provide them the content and information they need consistently across different online channels.

3. Be accessible (beyond just Mobile-friendly)

Life is officially mobile as everyone uses their smartphones to check emails, play games, connect on social media, and to search the web, find product information, make reservations, etc.

What does this mean for you?

Create a mobile-friendly website. Hang out where your audience hangs out.

Your site should present the most optimal version of the site, based on the user’s device and screen size to provide the best user experience.

4. Ensure fast and efficient loading

Another way to make your brand more accessible is to ensure it loads fast. People just don’t like websites that test their patience. And if any site takes too long to open or load, then visitors will not think twice before abandoning that web page.

Every internet user prefers a website that is fast loading.

In fact, a survey conducted by Kissmetrics shows that 47% of consumers expect a page to load as fast as two seconds and even a one percent delay in load time will result in a seven percent delay in conversions. (Source: Kissmetrics)

5. Be responsive with prompt replies

Echoing the necessity of being accessible, if you have included web forms on your site for your visitors to fill in whenever they need additional information, then try and respond to them immediately. (If not immediately, at least within a day, or two… You know their interest wanes with slow response times.) I can’t help but tie this back to the relationship analogy. We can’t help but think that they’re just not that into us when they don’t respond (within minutes!) to our texts or calls. Goes the same way for business!

Web forms give you valuable insights on what your visitors want and what your site may be missing out on.

Visitors will be very impressed with your level of service and communication if you reply back to their query promptly after receiving it. They might even tell their friends about it or better yet you might capture the lead or close a deal!

6. Give multiple options

There are some people who prefer calling up a company directly to ask them some questions or to make inquiries, especially if they are browsing a site from their mobile devices. Others (like me) may prefer to pull up the chat-bot.

Provide your full company contact details (email, phone number, address) on your website with easy ways for them to contact you (a form, a chat box)

If you offer them easy ways to contact you AND respond to them when they do, sounds like a recipe for falling in love with a website.

What makes YOU fall in love with a website?

Internet users will surely love websites that are accessible, interactive, and informative. (Just like those long-term relationships we touched on earlier! 😉 )

By incorporating these features into your website and online presence, you will ensure that your visitors have a positive experience every time they visit.

Want to know what else will make visitors fall in love with your website?

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Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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