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The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is a Saskatoon based non-profit organization that is jointly funded by industry and the Government. Their mission is to help bring market pull to the design of Education and Training Programs (E&T), and Research and Development Projects (R&D) for the mining and minerals industry.

In order to help them achieve this mission we created a website for general users and IMII members. This included:

  • A custom CMS to add/edit website content.
  • A membership login/members area was created which includes:
    • Website admin have the ability to generate usernames and passwords for each member.
    • A backend system was created to capture all membership information.
    • Editable membership database.
    • Online membership registration.
  • Custom functionality including News and Events feature.

Additionally, our team also developed a Projects Area for the website. Depending on the level of accessibility certain Projects can be accessed by the general public/non-members, whereas other projects are only accessible by IMII members. Regardless, the website admin has full control over this.

As a member, the IMII website admin can permit certain members to have access to specific projects, which is dependent on their level of membership. The member can then view Project details (including an overall general summary); download files/attachments; and if required post messages on the discussion board.

I should also mention that their nice logo (go on, scroll up and take another good look) was designed by us. It’s something that we don’t always shout about, but we do in fact design logos, and they’re usually pretty awesome logos too!

For more information on becoming a member or information regarding IMII’s services, contact them via the website.

More information on the IMII web design project, including an in-depth discussion on what we did, how we did it, and an explanation of the customized functionality that was developed for the website, can be viewed on our Portfolio.

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