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BREAKOUT is a live action escape game that engages and challenges groups, teams, and parties to work together to solve mind-bending puzzles in 60 minutes to break out of the locked and themed rooms. As a new company hitting the Saskatoon scene, BREAKOUT needed a way to attract new customers and break into new markets. They decided it time to escape the confines of the real world, to begin crafting their web presence, and to join their target audience online!

Web Presence

These days, a professional, well-designed, and user-friendly website is a crucial investment if you want to take your business to the next level. Not only do your customers EXPECT it, but also because “having no web presence” or a frumpy online presence (with a dated design, complicated navigation, static content) reeks of unprofessionalism–potentially costing you business as your customers turn to your competitors! Recognizing the current trends, BREAKOUT fancied a website to captivate their audience, making an outstanding first impression.


Robbie and Roberta, co-founders of BREAKOUT, wanted to be able to easily create and engage in conversations with potential customers. They are able to share information about their offerings, post answers to frequently asked questions, and post articles, announcements, news, and special offers on their blog. In return, website visitors are able to ask questions, fill out forms, and book the themed rooms. BREAKOUT is active on the social network Facebook, so we also integrated their channel link into the site.

Driving Traffic In-Store

The new site for BREAKOUT’s conveniently provides users with all the different ways to contact them. The integration with Google Maps provides customers and potential customers a visual on how to get there. Now that we know how to get there and what they’re all about….

Looking for a reason to BREAKOUT of your normal routine this week? Head on over to their brand new site and book a themed BREAKOUT room for you and your friends, or colleagues TODAY!

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