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Adobe Feeds Us Delicious Content Inspiration


Feb. 7, 2016 – Adobe (re)releases engaging and insightful report to help brands accelerate content creation process through their recipe for success: providing sweet experiences, increasing production, and introducing new ideas.

apple-touch-icon-192x192“How can you make more chocolate with the factory you already have? @Adobe #contentmarketing”  Click to tweet

For more on cranking up your factory please check out Mass Producing Deliciousness.

YouTube Launches Mobile Live Streaming


Feb 7, 2017 – YouTube releases mobile live streaming for those users with 10,000+ subscribers. It will be coming shortly enough to the rest of us.

YouTube also has introduced “super chat” where FANS can purchase chat messages that are highlighted in bright colours to stand out and get the video creator’s attention!

I don’t know about you… but I like the thought of getting paid because someone wants their message in hot pink! Do you know what I am saying?!

Facebook Shares 2016 Results


Feb. 1, 2017 – Facebook reports 2016 highlights including:

  • 1.23 billion daily active users (DAUs) – DAUs were 1.23 billion on average for December 2016, an increase of 18% year-over-year.
  • 1.15 billion mobile DAUs – on average for December 2016, an increase of 23% year-over-year.

Are you still on the edge about which platforms to use? Take the plunge!!!

Pinterest Introduces Search Ads


Jan. 31, 2017 – Pinterest offers up another paid search product to grow demand and sales across the customer journey.


“Top searches on @Pinterest: 97% were non-branded last year #digitalmarketing #opportunity”  Click to tweet

The simple fact that 97% of searches were non-branded last year means there is a HUGE opportunity for brands to seize.

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