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I never learnt to drive until I moved to Saskatoon. Why? Well, I’ve been fortunate to live in cities where there has always been a great public transport infrastructure—I could quite easily go off on a tangent here regarding Saskatoon’s public transport system, but I’ll save that for another time—However, after spending one winter here waiting for buses and being unable to feel my feet I acted swiftly and got myself a driver’s license.

It took me a while. About a year. First of all I was unaware of SGI’s Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) program, and secondly I didn’t pass the first time. I know, I suck, but I finally did it. Aged 29. For some of you, you’ll read this and think it’s weird that it took me this long to learn, but if you’ve ever lived somewhere where the subway (which costs $1 per trip) runs from 5am to 1am; buses (again, costs $1 per trip) run from 430am to 2am; and taxi’s start the meter at $1.50 (the most you’ll pay for a 15KM journey is $6), why do you need a car?

Just think. With a system like that you never have to worry about a designated driver or how expensive it’s going to cost to get home. You have 3 options, and if all else fails you walk. But it’s different here. The city isn’t set up for this kind of system, plus right now it’s cold. And as I alluded to before, waiting for a bus in -25 isn’t fun.

Even though it would be nice to not have a car and deal with the necessary pitfalls of having a car (it was only this week I was the victim of a broken wiper blade), if someone was to take it away from me I’d feel like my freedom was being stolen. A bit dramatic, yes, but you know what I mean.

Website Design

So why all this talk of cars? Well, we recently redesigned the No Fault website, and boy oh boy! Just look at how awesome this design is…

No Fault new website design

Isn’t it awesome? Now take a look at how it used to look…

No Fault old website design

So what did we do for No Fault? Owned and operated by Mr. Jonathan Abrametz, B.A., J.D., the current website needed a complete overhaul from design through to development. The goal was to create more professional looking website that informed website visitors of No Fault’s primary services (Insurance and Real Estate), and provide the website admin a user-friendly backend system (otherwise known as a content management system) to keep the website updated.

What is striking though is the color theme that runs throughout the website. Based on our logo design, the black, white, and various shades of grey, accented with blue makes this website really eye-catching to the website user. But hey, that’s my opinion. How do you think we did?

If you’d like to learn more about this project – what we did and how we did – view the No Fault case study on our Portfolio page.

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