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SARCAN Recycling recently approached us to design them a website for their new initiative, SARCAN Drop n Go, which is currently offered at their Martensville and Saskatoon Sutherland depots. Drop n Go is a convenient new service where you can simply drop-off your recyclable containers, tag your bags, and go, and then SARCAN will send you your money through PayPal at a later time.

SARCAN Recycling needed a new website to raise awareness about their new service and to improve user experience by lessening time spent in line.

The newly designed site features a simple but secure registration form for you to fill in your information to create a Drop n Go account. Creating your account online will save you time when you visit the depot. At the depot, you can easily sign into the Drop n Go terminal using your account that you previously created, drop-off your recyclables, and your funds will be distributed to the email address provided upon account creation. Otherwise, you would still have to stand in line to create your account at the depot, then drop off your recyclables, etc.

Another feature of SARCAN’s new Drop n Go website is the FAQ section. The FAQ section highlights the answers to the top Drop n Go questions regarding security, receiving funds through PayPal, labelling, your account as well as general questions. The website administrators have the ability within their custom content management system to add, remove, or update the FAQ’s easily at any time.

To provide users with the best possible experience, the Drop n Go website is was designed utilizing Responsive Web Design technology. Responsive design adapts the layout to the viewing environment, providing optimal viewing and user experience across a wide range of devices. This makes it very convenient for users to register for an account on the go. Another convenience feature is the Google Maps integration in the back end which displays Drop n Go locations by City in an interactive map so that you can find the location nearest you.

Head on over to SARCAN’s new Drop n Go website, sign up for an account, and skip the line today! After you have toured their site and tested out their simple registration form, drop us a line and let us know how you think the 2 Web Design team did!

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