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Like me, do any of you suffer from “annoying-song-that’s-stuck-in-my-head-initus”? If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically the syndrome when you see or hear a word, either in a conversation or in one place or the other, and for reasons unknown-to-man it generates a particular line from a song that just goes around and around and around and around in your head, and…. there’s just no way of either stopping it or moving on to the next line. If you know what I mean, then it’s kind of annoying isn’t it?

Well, do you want to know what song is churning on and on and on in my head right now? “Step-by-Step” by… yes, you guessed it. New Kids on the Block. Now, if I was a 12-year-old girl and it was 1990 (I Googled the year for the purposes of this post – it’s not something I just know) then I’d be happy. But I’m neither a girl nor is it 1990. Urgh – the embarrassment! And my oh my, it’s sooooo annoying – unbelievably annoying.

So, why I am telling you this? And how come this song is IN MY HEAD!!! Well, we recently completed a responsive web design project for the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership – otherwise known as… STEP (I hear a collective “ahhhhhhh”).

The Website Project

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this organization, STEP are a non-profit, membership based organization who bring resources together to provide world-class and specially tailored services, and programs, that are of primary value to companies who are exporting outside the borders of Saskatchewan. Launched on August 21, 1996, for nearly 20 years STEP have increased Saskatchewan’s exports to existing markets and tapped into new markets by initiating sales, contracts, and projects for Saskatchewan exporters.

However, STEP had a problem – a BIG problem. They’re previous website was just not quite “cutting it”.

Web Design & Development

Working in collaboration with STEP’s project management team, we approached the project together so that we could better understand their current frustrations with the previous website and what STEP’s online goals were. Based on initial discussions, it became clear what they wanted to achieve:

  • to improve user engagement – STEP wanted to create a new look and feel for their website to enhance their brand and further their online presence
  • to improve website navigation – to ensure their external and internal stakeholders – potential buyers and their members – have access to timely and valuable information a new site architecture needed to be developed
  • to improve website management – the previous website just wasn’t that easy to manage, so STEP needed a solution to make the maintenance and management of the website easy for non-technical website administrators

By knowing what STEP wanted to achieve, we could then formulate a plan to provide STEP with exactly what they needed – a great looking, engaging, and easy-to-navigate website that lets their users search for and find information easily.

Additionally, along with that array of adjectives, the website was built on an easy-to-use content management system, customized according to STEP’s specifications. This will now let STEP’s website admin to easily manage the website.

Responsive Web Design

An essential part of the project, as previously noted, was to provide STEP and their members with better user engagement. A portion of this was to make the website easier to view on mobile devices. Therefore, we proposed the solution of responsive web design – and the STEP team took to that notion like a duck takes to water!

By using this approach for STEP’s new website, their users can now access the website on different browsers, as the design of the website will automatically realign itself to the user’s preference – whether or not they’re viewing the website on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone device.

For more information on STEP – contact them via the website. Additionally, you can also watch Lionel LaBelle, President and CEO of STEP explaining more about what his organization does:

Now, before you scuttle off let us know your opinion of the new STEP website and how well you think our design team did – you can leave you comments in the comments section below! You can also find a more detailed case study of this project – what we did and how we did it – on our Portfolio page.

Now, whilst you’re busy doing that I, on the other hand, will continue to suffer at the hands of those NKOTB boys. Urgh.

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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